FOR SALE: Step #1 – Pretty Homes Sell



I always tell my clients there are 3 main components that will sell a home quickly, and for top dollar.   The key is to ensure you check off all three when listing your home:

  1. Pretty Home (Clean, maintained and staged)
  2. Price (Discussed in the next Blog post)
  3. Marketing Strategy (Discussed in the next Blog post)

It’s no secret pretty homes sell fast, and for top dollar.  As a Realtor & Interior Designer, I know this to be absolutely true.  Most buyers want to move right in without the headache of costly renovations.  Does that mean you have to renovate your entire home before listing?  Absolutely not, but here are a few helpful tips:

  • Curb appeal:  Mow, weed, sweep.  Paint your front door  and ensure the hardware is shiny and new – this is a buyer’s first impression of your home.
  • De-clutter:  Start packing up what you will not need prior to your move.  No one wants to see (or buy) a messy house.  Too much clutter will only turn buyers away (and stress them out a little).
  • Clean:  Deep clean your home and carpets before listing.  If you do not have a cleaning lady, now is a great time to hire one!
  • Paint and Refinish:  If your walls and trim are showing wear and tear, spruce them up a little.  If you have wild colors in the main areas of your home, neutralize them and add color through art and accessories.  If your hardwood floors are stripped, consider a buffing treatment or refinish.  You get the picture here…
  • Kitchen & Baths: It’s true, kitchens and baths do sell a home.  Painting or refacing cabinetry is an economical way to give these areas a facelift.  New counters, faucets and appliances can also go a long way.
  • Lighting: Ensure all the light bulbs are in working order.  Changing out key fixtures, or simply painting them can work wonders as well
  • Staging: Remove access furniture and accessorize to showcase your home’s strengths.  I will go into more detail on home staging in a future blog.  Until there here are a few helpful links:

Your realtor will help guide you as what your home requires to show it’s best!   When in doubt, put yourself in a buyers shoes and walk your home with a fresh eye.  Visiting other listings in your area will also help you discover what your home requires to compete.

All of my listings include free home staging, schedule your consultation today!

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